Smartichip is dedicated to the R&D and application of speech related AI technologies. We design and promote smart products. Meanwhile we also provide technical consultation and solutions for companies in AI household appliance and robotics industries.
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Products and Services

Smartichip® Speech Solutions
  • SoC Chip with embedded speech recognition algorithm and signal processing solution
  • Smart voice interaction system solutions and chips

Primary applications:
Robotics, Smart Home, On-Board Equipment, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education, Smart Entertainment

SmartiDev® Product R&D Outsourcing Services
  • Software and hardware development for Smart Home and Wearable Devices
  • Smart Home and Wearable Devices Innovation and Planning
  • Industry customized software and hardware development
  • Sound and speech related consumer-oriented products design and development
  • Smart application and system development
SmartiData® AI Training Data Service
  • Data for speech recognition
  • Data for text-to-speech
  • Data for image recognition
SMARTI Human Resources Devision
  • Overseas IT engineers dispatch to Japanese companies
    (Primary engineers nationalities: Japan, China, South Korea, Philippines, Hungary, Italy)
  • Overseas IT engineers remote crowdsourcing platform
Future Services
  • Industry Security monitoring
  • Medical care smart assistant

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  • SMARTI株式会社
  • Fuokuoka Head Office
  • 〒812-0020 福岡市博多区対馬小路10番22号 AEC天神東ビル5階
  • Tel: 092-717-7599
  • Hungary Office
  • 1107 Budapest, Fertő u. 1/A.
  • Tel: +36 70 575 8495
  • Guangzhou Office
  • Guangzhou International Cooperation Center, Tianhebei Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou